Saturday, 15 January 2011

Stationery Archeology 5

Number five in this occasional series is a Staedtler tradition HB pencil stub, which I found when cleaning the dust/cobwebs/other detritus from under the computer desk.  This one celebrates 300 150 years of Staedtler pencils, dating this pencil to 1985 (see second pic). Note the joined D and T on the "EDTLER".  I definitely used this pencil at school.  Apologies for the ham-fisted sharpening as I used a knife, not a sharpener, on this pencil for a DIY job years ago.  (Edited for correct date.)


  1. Maybe you should have borrowed that lathe :-)

  2. Great Blog!, thank you. I have the impression that in 1985 we celebrated the 150 years from Staedtler, I think I had Lumocolor pencils with "1835-1985" inscription on them.
    Keep up the good work and thanks once more,

  3. Costas, you may well be right; I thought the pencil read 1685, but a closer look suggests 1985. As the company takes 1835 as its starting point, that would make 150 years. I'll change the description.