Friday, 27 May 2011

Typecast 3

With apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors...


  1. Spelling and grammar gaffes are the very essence of a good typecast. If it were error-free, we'd start to think something was wrong.

  2. Last week I spent some time looking at the new web version of the new Domesday book and was astonished by the range of different day-to-day information collected back then. I find it fascinating to look at what changed and what hasn't changed since then.

    Putting them on on Laserdisc was probably not a good idea from the BBC ...neither was me spending lots of money in the mid-nineties on movies on Laserdisc :(

  3. The need to preserve one's words is one's need for immortality - for conquering death. I've been meaning to get a typewriter for ages.