Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pointless Milestone 1

The page-view counter has ticked over to 10,000 views, not all of them my own.  Thanks for looking.

I have more posts in the pipeline.  I still need a new ribbon for my Olympia SM3 so no typecast from that yet; needless to say, though I will anyway, The Stationers That Shall Not Be Named did not have a ribbon in stock.  I have been using it to type notes for a work project onto 3x5 index cards, with some success.  Even though the notes are strewn with typos and are not perfectly aligned with the feint ruled lines, it's a pleasure to read them.

Soon I will post some notebook-related blogposts, once I've thought of something to say.  Note Booker, Esq. kindly sent me his Metaphys 44133 notepad memopad to review, and I've already had a bit of a play with it.  My children were fascinated by it, when the Metaphys arrived in the post last week.  It really is tiny.

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  1. Good to know it arrived. I am very much looking forward to your review!