Saturday, 26 March 2011

Alternative Uses for a Pencil 1

Watching Gardeners' World on BBC2 last night, I couldn't help but notice this gentleman, Ken Stock, and his novel use for a Staedtler tradition 4B pencil.

Mr Stock grows dahlias (pictured top) in his garden in Bournemouth, and he uses his Staedtler as a dibber when planting his cuttings.

But whilst this may be news to stationery fans, it's not to gardeners, apparently. When I pointed this out to my wife, who is the gardener in our household, she wasn't surprised, and said that she'd used a pencil as a dibber, too.

Still, it's always nice to see a pencil on the telly, and Mr Stock's dahlias are beautiful.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This must be one of the very few uses were a cheap and scratchy pencil will do. Nice that he used a good quality pencil anyway ;^)

  2. Yes, a top-quality pencil, which, I notice, he used the blunt end to make the holes in the compost. I guess he uses the 4B to write plant labels.

  3. I couldn't help but notice that you stated your wife uses a pencil as one of her gardening tools. Does that ever make you wonder if she had used one of YOUR "expensive" pen/pencils as her gardening tool before?