Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pencil Spotting 1

Watching Neil Oliver's series "The Age of Iron" on BBC2 the other evening, I could not help but notice another Staedtler user:

This is Steve Brooks of the Natural History Museum. He is a research entomologist who researches climate change from midge larvae found in lake bed sediments.

Whilst he counts Chironomid midge larvae in the eyepiece of his microscope, I count one pencil with distinctive black and red stripes, white band and black end-cap.

These Staedtlers can be found everywhere - in the laboratory, and perhaps even in ancient lakebed sediments.


  1. The resident artist VICTOR AMBRUS on the iconic UK TV series Time Team is seen using a Staedtler Tradition on the archealogical excavation at Radcot, UK. Victor sketches incredibly atmospheric medieval battles and such and is a well known Illustrator. Kevin

  2. Thanks Kevin, I have long admired Ambrus' work on Time Team and also his covers for Peacock Books such as this: