Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Epi Hartou Notebook

I was actually working on Saturday when this lovely little thing arrived in a padded envelope:

It is the Epi Hartou notebook, purchased recently from the Evripidis stationers by the author of the excellent Palimpsest blog, Lito Apostolakou, and sent to me for a recent comment. Many thanks!

It's a smart little memo book or notebook, smaller than I had been expecting, but nicely staple-bound inside this grey marbled card. I know very little Greek (in fact, I only really know the lower-case Greek alphabet because it is used in astronomy to name stars in order of brightness, and even then I am a bit hazy with the letters after iota as they are used for the really faint stars) but I can read the word "Tetradio" on the cover, and the name "Epi Hartou" beneath. A quick shufty on the internets tells me that τετραδιο translates as "Note". I like the little frame around the title, and I like the creamy paper, too, which I tested with a few of my pens and pencils:

There's a bit of bleedthrough from some of my pens, particularly the M90 and the Capless, but nothing to get upset about. There's barely any bleedthrough showing from the finer nibs, as you can see from the other side of the paper.

I am really pleased with this delightful little notebook, which I hope to use in the near future for various lists and notes. My thanks again to Lito for this prize.


  1. Looks very nice. Without the barcode I'd have thought it's a few decades old -because of the cover and because it seems to be nice and simple.

  2. Nice review! Glad you are enjoying this tiny specimen.Tetradio maybe translates as "writing pad" or "exercise book" - it is something that a school child would use. "Epi Hartou" means "on paper". End of Greek lesson ;)