Saturday, 18 June 2011

Staedtler Wopex 2B

Apologies for the first picture - if anyone can't read it, let me know at the usual address.


  1. Thanks for this review. I do find it difficult to notice any difference between the 2B, HB and 2H Wopex and I find the Wopex difficult to sharpen, I always fear it will blunt the blade of my sharpener prematurely. This is even worse in desktop (rotary blade cylinder) sharpeners. I wonder whether your Wopex was "softer" and kinder to the blade than mine are.

  2. Thank you for the review (I was able to read it very well).

    To me, the Wopex puts quite a heavy strain on my sharpeners and has even caused the crank sharpener Carl Decade DE-100 to slip. However, since it is still a new product I wouldn't be surprised if the formula for both the barrel and the core will see a change.

    Matthias, I still haven't compared the different hardness grades but after getting some of the current batch I will do that soon.

    Bruce, have you received my email dated June, 16th? I'm afraid it has been lost.

  3. Gunther: I've just checked my inbox, and there's nothing from you there. Try again?

    Matthias: perhaps I use more torque when sharpening than most people - the shavings are clean, though. I don't own a desk sharpener so I used only my hand-sharpener.

  4. What a pity! If you haven't received any emails from me yet at least another one is lost :-( However, I'll resend the last one with a different "From" address.

  5. I went to Ryman's today to get the Stabilo Boss mug you mentioned and saw the Wopex there, too. Supposedly clearance, 49p and all three grades available, how could I saw no, especially since I only have very few of each grade anyway.
    A big thank you for the Ryman's information!