Thursday, 11 August 2011

Return of the Green Ink Brigade

I'm looking at a mid-green ink, to go in my Pilot Capless. I want something in between the two greens I currently own: Diamine Woodland Green (too dark) and Diamine Kelly Green (too light).

The front-runner so far is J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage, followed by Caran d'Ache Amazon and perhaps Waterman Green in third.

I would be grateful for any views on the relative pros and cons of these inks. I can get Pelikan Brilliant Green locally, but only as a last resort.


  1. Caran d'Ache Amazon is a great green - I got it as part of the Goulet Pens "ink drop" and I loved the way it performed. I've considered buying a bottle, but I don't use greens that often.

    The color truly makes one think of a tropical forest - bright and rich at the same time. It shades nicely if you have a wider nib, but even if not, I think you will be pleased. That's my recommendation.

    That being said, I have not tried the Lierre Sauvage, and generally like Herbin inks as well. You probably can't go wrong between the two.

  2. I've used the Lierre Sauvage, but not the Amazon. Lierre Sauvage is a lovely mid-value green. It makes me think of St. Patrick's day. Last year I used it for Christmas Cards, but it really is more "leprechaun" than "elf." Like most Herbin inks, it has excellent handling characteristics.

  3. Well, I like Lamy Green which gets a bad wrap on FPN (Fountain Pen Network).Its a lovely mid Hookers Green in colour and behaves very well with my Lamy Safaris.