Thursday, 1 March 2012

Guardian and BBC Talk Stationery

LinkThe Graun's Lucy Mangan has come out of the cupboard as a stationery fan in an amusing article published online here. (I have posted a comment under the article which is awaiting moderation as I type this.) She has also put together a programme for BBC Radio 4 called The Stationery Cupboard, which is broadcast in the UK on Friday, 2 March at 1100 UTC. I hope to check out after work tomorrow.

I wasn't invited to appear on the programme, but that's OK; this is the pen and paper blog nobody's talking about, after all....


  1. Thats a great article and commenter contributions, thanks for sharing it. No disrespect to the original author, but I always find articles that have many comments (and this has 123 at latest count) insidiously entertaining and everyone nominating their own favourites. Now I have to find a way to listen to Radio 4 in Australia ...probably via the internet.

  2. Ops, I didn't see your blog post when I posted a similar message on my blog. Sorry about that. If I had seen yours I wouldn't have posted mine...

  3. It's good I checked yours and Matthias' blog cos I was about to post a link to the Guardian article too! What can I say? Great minds meet.