Sunday, 8 April 2012

Diamine Blue Black

...and that is where the ink ran out, so I will have to continue it electronically.

This was a curious ink. Hopefully, my sample was unrepresentative; it had sat in a box of cartridges for nigh on five years and probably needed shaking up a bit. I found a small lump of ink in the cartridge, and found that flow was uneven. When this ink was flowing well, it produced a solid, greyish-blue line. As I say above, it reminded me strongly of the old Quink Blue Black I used to see at school. Otherwise, my pen seemed to have some kind of prostate problem; the ink issued forth from my Tombow Object in fits and starts, leaving a pale line on the page.

Diamine inks tend to flow well, dry quickly and possess moderate saturation. Blue Black performs as any other in the Diamine range when the pen is fully-loaded; only the first line in the review gives anything like a true indication of its colour and saturation. Looking at my writing, there's a good amount of shading.

I'm not sure I'd want to buy a bottle of this ink, however. I preferred the similar but slightly bluer Prussian Blue, which I used up in 2007.

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  1. Hi, and thanks for posting this...I too am becoming hooked on Blue Blacks, or should I say Blue Blacks with an attitude, and I put Diamine BB firmly in that camp.
    I bought a mixed box of Diamine cartridges last year when I was exploring reds and oranges, and, thinking BB was 'boring' at the time, I ignored the two DBB cartridges.
    I used one two days ago in a new f to m nib Baoer and it's a revelation.
    Through this nib it has a really green/grey tint to it, and looks eyecatching on a leichturm off white page.
    Thanks for persevering with the definitely have one bookmarked reader!
    How did I find your blog? I Gurgled 'diamine blue black review' and there you were on page one.
    Thanks again.