Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to School

1 September is traditionally the start of the new academic year here in England, and indeed today was the first day of school for my children - or it would have been, had the schools concerned not been closed to enable the teachers to receive some professional development. 2 September is the de facto start of term. The shops are full of "Back to School" promotions; Stabilo seem to be doing well with getting their new products in the stores.

I've had a minor splurge on pencils, mostly for my children but also for myself, which I intend to turn into reviews soon. I'm conscious that after a week online, I have yet to produce any reviews, or pictures, only my ramblings on stationery matters. I promise that will change shortly. I return to work tomorrow and intend to post some review-type articles as I do most of my writing at work.

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