Thursday, 14 October 2010

Stabilo Swano 4907

Quick review time, again: this one is for a pack of four Stabil Swano 4907 pencils. I bought this pack in a branch of Ryman's (a chain of stationers' here in England) for £1.69, which is about 43 pence per pencil.

They come in bright - almost livid - fluorescent colours. The four colours used - yellow, green, pink and orange - match the four basic colours used by Stabilo for their famous Boss highlighter pens. Each pencil is armed with an eraser tip in the same colour as the paint on the pencil, attached by an aluminium ferrule.

In the hand, the Swano handles like any other hexagonal pencil. The wood is good quality and sharpens well, and the eraser does its job adequately enough. The edges are slightly rounded, so it does not dig into fingers. The painting is nicely done and markings are understated; no foil blocking here, just the name, barcode and some serial numbering, but there is no country of origin information printed. I guess these pencils are made in Stabilo's factory in the Czech Republic, but if anyone knows better, please let me know in the comments.

I used one of these pencils for a day or so to write notes at work. The lead is a dark and soft HB. On paper it does not feel scratchy, nor very smooth, but gritty; I can liken the feel of it to writing on sandpaper. It's not unpleasant, but it does not glide on the paper, if that is what you want. This utilitarian pencil is clearly designed for school in mind, and a four-pack should last a whole school year.

In short, the Swano 4907 is a decent-quality pencil that is fun to use but which you would not lose sleep over if it was stolen from your desk in class.


  1. Those are cool! Thanks for the review. I LOVE Stabilo, especially their Point 88 pens. I have way too many of those at home that a friend brought back with him from the UK on a trip. I'll enjoy trying to get ahold of Stabilo pencils!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I like the Point 88 pens as well, and in fact I'm becoming a fan of Stabilo products which seem to be well designed and well made.

    There will be more reviews of Stabilo stuff in the next few days.

  3. Great review! I wish Stabilo was better represented here in the States, pencil-wise. The makers/pens seem to be getting popular, but the pencils, not so much. :)